Our Story

Evelynne Hatchard


BCommDes DipDes
Founder; Creative Director

When our founder, Evelynne Hatchard, was studying for her Bachelor of Communication Design, she discovered a common thread that ran through all of her work. Without consciously doing so, she was forever finding ways to incorporate design with her passion for health and happiness. Realizing the power of this combination, Evelynne resolved to join a design team that shared this focus with her. Unable to find one, she decided to create one.

Our team has been hand selected both because of each individuals’ high level of skill in their field, as well as their desire to use those skills to work with people who work to improve the health and happiness of their clients, and to communicate their messages in more powerful ways.

We want to collaborate with you so that we can design communications that ultimately help people have happier, more fulfilled lives, more unified communities and a better world.